Every sport team should have its own mascot!

And this mascot should be able to jump and run to properly inspire the team and fans. Take a look at mascot costumes we designed for sport teams from around the world.

Sport team custom mascot costumes
The true representation of team spirit is a team mascot. At Mascot Makers, we believe that every sports team should have its own bespoke mascot costume. Mascots are the real embodiment of a team’s fanaticism. It connects the team on-field with the team off-field in a very competitive environment. Mascot Makers is proud of its long list of sports team mascots created for different sports team around the world. The most notable sports team mascots in our portfolio are the 2014 Sochi Olympic mascot costumes; hare, leopard and bear mascots. Our sports team mascots will more often than not have shirts, jerseys, or jackets with the team’s theme colours and badge on, they will have removable gloves, shoes, and pants which are all machine washable. We use the best plush soft fabric or faux fur when manufacturing our mascot costumes. Ensuring that the suit has proper ventilation or cooling system for suitable working temperatures. The suits also have soft interior padding with professional sports lining for easier motion during performances, you can break dance comfortably in one of our custom mascots.
Its time to suit up and meet on the field, order a custom made sports team mascot costume for your team and experience a more exciting sporting season.