Food mascot costumes
The food production and manufacturing market have always been as competitive as the last eating competition you witnessed. Every player in this market is trying to get ahead of the others at every turn. That’s why after animal inspired mascot costumes, food mascot suits are the next big category in Mascot Makers portfolio. We have had the favour of working with world recognised food product brands in the quest to achieve global market recognition. In this category we partner with ice cream and candy companies like Kinder joy, Pez and Yummi bear, we also have worked with fast food pizza joints and energy drink companies. Most of the food object costumes are made from foam fibre which is then covered with digitally printed fabric for a scale size product inspired mascot. We use 3d design modelling for prototyping,3d printing, and CNC routers in our work to replicate real looking food items. These bespoke food mascot designs are very unconventional since most have no head or eye holes but at Mascot Makers, we install in-built ventilation fans for suitable temperatures while working.