Sometimes it can be a good idea to order a mascot head only and perform in you regular wear

Custom mascot head only 
Sometimes it is better ordering a custom mascot head than a full mascot suit. Especially if the mascot idea you have is a more realistic human mascot character. This is the category where we feature bespoke custom mascot heads made with soft plush and faux fur fabric. We have custom mascot head designs for human heads, bear heads, cheerleader heads, wolf custom heads, chipmunk mascot heads and are ready and willing to create a custom mascot head for you.
Order today with your idea specifications and mascot makers finest mascot producers will urgently create one amazing mascot head to order. The different mascot head costumes in this category are made using either soft plush or faux fur depending on the mascot character picked by the client. They all have an inbuilt cooling fan, a soft padded interior with professional sports lining for a comfortable feel.
Custom mascot heads are definitely cheaper and faster to generate. They appeal to more subtle and urban mascot lovers who aren’t afraid to show their team spirit and loyalty.
Custom mascot heads are much easier to carry around and still relay the intended information. Their neat and ease functionality could be most helpful in professional presentations and pitches.