Dog custom mascot costumes. Any breed

Looking for a bespoke dog mascot costume? Well look no further, you are here! Welcome, to where all dogs lie. Mascot Makers is home of all dog breed designs and fictional dog character costumes. Am talking goofy cartoon dog costumes, inflatable dog mascot costumes for pet exhibitions, black dog costumes, golden retrievers mascot costumes, German shepherds, Labradors, Poodles, Bulldogs   just to mention a few. The design specifications really depend on our clients’ ideas and sketches but as always our design team will put a lot of hours into adding a little bit of creative crisp. Mascot Makers will then manufacture the final sketch and 3D Model using quality soft plush or faux fur fabric to make a custom mascot outfit. The dogs’ costume head is detachable and comes with a built-in cooling fan that comes in handy when working during high-temperature afternoons. The dog mascot costumes also have soft paddings with professional sports lining to ease motion during performances. Everyone loves dogs, they are a symbol of loyal love. Go ahead and start your creative marketing journey with Mascot Makers, one of the world’s leading mascot producers and manufacturers.