Bear mascot costumes are the most common types of mascot costumes globally. In this category, our potential clients should expect to see all the species of bears incorporated into the mascot designs. I mean we have large teddy bear suits resembling doll teddy bears, we also have long neck polar bears, black and brown grizzly bears mascot suits. The mascot costumes on this category are made using soft fluffy plush fabric that is machine wash friendly and shape regenerating. They all will include a realistic bear-shaped bodysuit and a separate head with an inbuilt cooling fan for suitable working temperatures. There are no limitations to creativity in terms of the suits dimensions, colors, and clothing. See: Nestle blue bear designed from the Nestle Logo created for Nestle Trade Show. We have in the past designed and manufactured original bears mascot suits for opera performances, the Olympic in Sochi as well as multinational companies abroad.  Step out of the dark corners and get your brand recognized, Is this the year to bring your brand to life? Partner up with the world’s leading mascot manufacturer Mascot Makers ltd and make your business stand out, get a bears mascot costume custom made to order.