Different human type mascot costumes: Knights, Warriors,  Workers, Men, Women, Boys and Girls

Human mascot costumes
These are mascot suits inspired by different human characters and their roles in society. Human mascot costumes are very diverse in that there are so many characters and roles attributes that can be designed into costumes. There are costumes replicating knights, warriors, superheroes, scientists, astronauts, doctors, captains, and even Santa Claus. Whatever the costume design, we have you covered. Mascot Makers is proud of its diverse human mascots category and we look forward to growing our portfolio with you. We use only the best plush soft fabric or faux fur when manufacturing our mascot costumes. Ensuring that the suit has proper ventilation or cooling system for suitable working temperatures. The suits also have soft interior padding with professional sports lining for easier motion during performances, you can break dance comfortably in one of our custom mascots.
Send us your bespoke human mascot sketches or specifications and wait for a uniquely designed mascot costume made to order.