Fantastic and fairy tale creatures mascot costumes
Our portfolio would not be complete without this category. Here in you will find bespoke mascot costumes inspired by fictional movie/cartoon characters, dreamy fairy tale characters, and creative fictional story characters. Most of the costumes in this category are directed to communicate and resonate with younger target markets like school kids. The mascots are very colourful as you would expect, for instance, The Sponge Bob mascot costume and Minions mascot costumes inspired by cartoon characters. We use only the best plush soft fabric or faux fur when manufacturing our mascot costumes. Ensuring that the suit has proper ventilation or cooling system for suitable working temperatures. The suits also have soft interior padding with professional sports lining for easier motion during performances, you can break dance comfortably in one of our custom mascots. So if you are hosting your son’s 4 year birthday this year invite Sponge Bob or one of his favourite cartoon characters to the party. Simply place your order with the world’s leading mascot manufacturers and put a smile on a kid’s face.