Eagles, falcons, parrots and other birds mascot costumes

Owing to multiple sporting teams borrowing their team names and logos from various bird species, bird mascot costumes are very popular and relevant in our animal and creature mascot listing. On this category, Mascot Makers has created mentionable mascot costumes for birds like parrots, eagles, roosters, falcons, sea eagles, and ducks just to mention a few. These bird mascots are quite similar in terms of general designs, incorporating separate beaked-heads with a cooling fan, shoes designed as bird feet either webbed or taloned and a bodysuit with full or half functional arms resembling wings. The costumes have a padded body with professional sports lining to ease motions during performances. And it is not just sports teams and fans, we have developed incredible bespoke birds mascot costumes like the double-headed parrot mascot suit for Ripleys Believe it or not. We also had the chance to design amazing mascot costume props used for a pitch presentation of a new movie idea; angry birds. Cool, right? Contact us with your bird mascot ideas and sketches and our mascot costume specialists will work to generate a unique bespoke mascot character that will take your brand visibility to a whole new level. Don’t just hesitate when you and your team/brand can scalar heights in one of our Mascot Makers’ birds mascot outfit.