Ecology and Education custom made Mascots
This category is for educational mascots that aid in teaching and relaying a specific message to a certain target market. These Ecological and educational bespoke mascot costumes are very popular in conventional meetings revolving around fundamental life topics like water and environmental preservation. They add value to the information being convened and act as permanent makers and reminders. We have a wide variety of impressive ecology and education mascots, for example, the bespoke cigarette custom-made mascot for a Tobacco-free project. Most of the ecology and education mascot costumes are signs and labels. These objects are made from foam fibre which is then covered with a digitally printed fabric bearing the intended message. With the use of 3D design modelling, 3D printing and CNC routers in our production workshop it is possible to replicate just about anything. The custom designs under this category have built-in ventilation fans for aeration, and separate gloves, and shoes.
Our ecology and education mascot category are very appealing thanks to the genius ideas brought to us by our esteemed clientele.