Ready to order custom mascot costume?

Ready? Great! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

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or email us at and tell us what type of costume you need. We’ll give you an estimate for cost and production time.

  1. If you confirm that our estimate is whithin your budget we will make a drawing and issue a formal quote in 2-4 day – this is a free and “no obligations” part
  2. After you approve the design and make a deposit we’ll start production. (Deposit can be 50% or 100% as you prefer)
  3. Once the mascot is produced I’ll email you photos of front, side and back views. If everything is fine we’ll dispatch it to you (if the deposit was 50% you’ll need to pay the rest prior to shipping)

Check our portfolio: you’ll find there mascot prototypes, mascot designs and photos as well as clients names an project description

If you’d like us to manufacture a custom mascot costume, you can send us a sketch or character  or just describe the mascot you’d like to purchase. One of our designers will then draw a technical sketch that shows what your costume will look like and how it will be constructed. If you have a logo or design you need printed onto your costume, the designer will determine how best to incorporate it. This sketch is done for FREE, at no cost to you. Once the sketch is finished, you’ll have a chance to look it over and ask for any revisions. All of this can take place via email or in person, whichever you prefer

Once the design is worked out, one of our technicians will determine which type of fabric will work best for your costume.

As soon as you approve the sketch and the fabric, we’ll calculate the final price. Once payment is received, we’ll get to work! Production time is usually between 10 and 14 working days days.

When your costume is finished, we’ll send you photos for your approval. If everything looks okay, we’ll dispath you unique mascot costume to your adress.