Farm animals custom mascots
Are you looking for a way to make your brand more visible and possibly close in on targeted sales volume at the annual farm products trade fair? Or maybe you have been on the receiving end of new competition at the farmers market? Mascot Makers has a dynamic and unconventional way to help you push your brand over the line to where you want it to be. We have a wide variety of bespoke mascot costume designs for farm animal including dairy cows, sheep, hens, roosters, and even horses. All our farm animal mascot costumes are manufactured using soft plush fabric and have separate detachable heads built with cooling fans for suitable internal temperatures. The designs in this farm animal mascots category are animated and very dynamic. They also have hooves and gloves depending on the animal’s features. The mascot costumes undergo an intensely creative modelling stage where we at Mascot Makers look to the very best 3D model designers to generate great prototypes.
Some of the worthy mentions in this listing include Cow mascot costume for Milka chocolate and a bison custom costume. The Milka chocolate cow is a two actors mascot costume with incredible details like the cow’s udder and herding bell.
A bespoke mascot costume is definitely what your milk farm needs to grow its customer base. Start the process by sending us your mascot ideas, our costumes are very durable and affordable.