Find here all cats, lions, tigers, cheetahs panthers mascot – the whole cat family costumes

This is rather a wider catalog embodying not just cat mascot costume but also the larger cat family mascot costumes. Meow!! What was that? A cat? A very big cat? No. that’s just the Lion’s Hockey team mascot approaching stealthily. Mascot Makers has a wide variety of custom made mascot suits of lions, cheetahs, tigers, panthers, leopards, pumas, and other cat family species. Skilfully designed by some of the best mascot producers using plush soft fabric for the bodysuit and faux fur for the manes and whiskers, this category is design and color detailed owing to the extra majestic nature of these cats. Mascot Makers is always up to the challenge, making sure that all cats mascot designs are intricately made to order as per the client’s specifications. The original costume designs can be created from the fictional cartoon or comic characters or real and popular cats. The costumes come with a padded body with professional sports lining to ease motion during performances. The outfits and clothing bits of the mascots are removable and machine washable. Do you think that a lion or tiger character best represents your brand or team? Then order a cats custom made mascot suit for your next open, customer service or promotional week.