School mascot costumes
Mascot Makers has for over 15 years now continued to create wholesome and comprehensive bespoke mascot costumes for schools all over the world. We know that the school motto and logo is best characterised by a unique custom made school mascot. Every school should have their own unique mascot costume to serve as an inspirational character for the students. It is easy for teachers to engage their student population by having the school mascot set good examples. Most of the school mascot costumes in our catalogue are visual representations of determination, valour, and courage. We have bespoke mascot costumes inspired by knights, Vikings, Falcons and even superheroes. We use only the best plush soft fabric or faux fur when manufacturing our mascot costumes. Ensuring that the suit has proper ventilation or cooling system for suitable working temperatures. The suits also have soft interior padding with professional sports lining for easier motion during performances, you can break dance comfortably in one of our custom mascots. Mascot Makers’ school mascot costumes also have outfits, uniforms, capes, and jackets with school theme colours and badges. If you have a logo, badge or a simple sketchy idea, mascot makers will provide a mascot concept sketch free of charge.