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Viking Mascot Costume produced for The Voorhees high school, New Jersey, USA!

  This specific mascot design is a modern, new age costume commissioned for a high school sports team. The Viking mascot designed and produced for the Voorhees high school sports team in New Jersey is the true representation of a school team spirit. When the Voorhees Vikings high school team reached out looking for a new mascot, we were obliged to create a custom mascot costume that would exceed their expectations in terms of appearance and functionality.   The Voorhees Viking mascot is designed to bring out the school team’s theme and incorporate it with the roughness of a Viking. The design has long bushy facial hair features, stern eyes as well as a ruthless smack or grin below an unkempt moustache. It is also intricately designed using the school team’s logo colours which are maroon and gold that are evidently included on the Viking’s hair, armor, outfit, boots, and belt. The detail on the design is simply overwhelming and needless to say the Viking School Mascot looks impeccable, athletic and well thought out.   Its also key to mention that the costume is made from light materials that are easy, fun and safe to work in even in high-temperature afternoons. The outfit or clothing bits on the Viking mascot costume are all machine washable ensuring a fresh clean look each time the Voorhees Vikings spring into action.   This mascot design and hundreds of others are the modest reason why you should order a custom mascot costume at Mascot Makers today and see your brand grow.

The Viking School Mascot looks just great, athletic, but friendly; and it is fan and safe to work in it! All clothing parts are machine washable!

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