Mascot costumes designed to advertise differents products or brands

Advertising and commercials mascot costumes
Our advertising and commercials mascot costumes are a variety of brand endorsing bespoke mascot suits that have been copyrighted, designed and produced for our clients. Interesting fact; the first advertising mascot costume was a mouse mascot costume launched almost 90 years ago and happens to still be the world’s most lovable working mascots today. The Disney mouse mascot which has a 98% recognition rate has properly represented the Walt Disney brand and generated so much marketing output. This resultantly led to world leading brands’ quest of characterizing their brands and products through bespoke custom mascots in an aim to be more relatable and appealing to their current and potential customers.
Mascot Makers believes in a world where each brand or product has a consumer relatable mascot character. The task and test of advertising mascot costumes, is usually coming up with an original mascot design that portrays and encompasses the brand’s standards and objectives. We have worked with countless brands ranging from energy drink companies, battery companies, real estate agencies, ice cream, and even chocolate companies to know all there is to know about this field. Our advertisement and commercial mascot category is very appealing thanks to the genius ideas brought to us by our esteemed clientele. So if you are looking for an efficient through-the-line marketing strategy to take your business to the next level? Send us your company logo and info and let the mascot makers’ magic turn your brand into gold.