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Mascot costumes  with LED elements
Imagine 21st-century technology incorporated into an already outstanding brand marketing tool. The result is impressive. Mascot Makers invites you to bask in our glowing category, mascots with Led elements. This category is new, fresh and absolutely stunning. Mascot designs in this grouping go through a LED light installation process after manufacture and are very functional in dim light locations or at night. We use only the best plush soft fabric or faux fur when manufacturing our mascot costumes. Ensuring that the suit has proper ventilation or cooling system for suitable working temperatures. The suits also have soft interior padding with professional sports lining for easier motion during performances, you could actually dance very well in one of our mascot costumes.
The LED elements used in making these mascots are LED lighting strips and spots which are sewed to the realms of mascot costume exemplifying its look.
We look forward to creating more mascots with LED elements this year, get right to it and hit us up with your bespoke mascot idea. We will send you a bespoke custom mascot costume design based on your character for free.