Here you can find all dragons, dinosaurs, lizards and other reptiles mascot costumes

Dragons, dinosaurs, and reptiles mascots
Mascot Makers is a brand that resonates with tip-top quality and creative designs only. There is no better place to show our prowess other than in this category. You’ve entered Mascot Makers dragon’s lair. Here you will find a huge variety of bespoke custom dragons costumes. The creative fire emanating from these dragon mascot suits is incredible. Mascot Makers’ dragons and dinosaurs costumes are made using very soft plush fabric and they come in different bespoke designs as requested by our clients. In this mascot costume category, some designs are a bit realistic but most designs are either inspired by fictional characters like the ninja turtle mascot suit or pure fantasy characters imagined by clients and developed by us.
Dragon/reptile custom mascots are our speciality, we use highly advanced model design technology to create design images which we share with our customers for approval. Afterwards, we print the final design in our production studio using 3D printers for perfectly made to order suits. All mascot makers dragons, dinosaurs and reptile costumes have a detachable head with an in-built cooling fan. We have a vast selection of custom made costumes in this category. We have scaly lizard costumes as well as colorful dragon suits. We use 3D design modelling, 3D printing and CNC routers in our production workshop. Get in touch with us today with your order specifications and let us create a bespoke mascot costume for you by you.