Bugs mascot costumes – bees, hornets, butterflies, dragonflies

At Mascot Makers, we love bugs. These six-legged buzzing creatures provide us with intricate and original mascot costume designs to go with. Made from soft plush fabric, bugs mascot costume designs and colors are uniquely inspired by insects such as bees, hornets, wasps, and butterflies. The costumes have a padded bodysuit with professional sports lining to ease motion during performances. Mascot Makers design artists know there is no boundary in art, bespoke bug mascot suit ideas include doodly bugs and alien bugs. We have a buzzing catalogue of separate detachable head designs for insects like hornets, and full-on one-piece designs for insects like bees and alien bugs. Also find herein, beautifully colored bug mascot costume animations for insects like butterflies and glow worms. For example, the blue butterfly costume for Blue Tv is an amazing bespoke animation mascot idea created by our talented mascot producers and designers with only the company logo to go by. All the mascot suits in this category are machine washable and very durable.