Jungle animals mascot costumes
We at Mascot Makers are truly in love with animal inspired bespoke mascot designs. We truly believe that any creature from the jungle can be a very good fundamental idea for a custom made mascot costume prototype. Our jungle animals mascot costume category bears beautiful creature suits inspired by lions, tigers, monkeys, elephants, kangaroos, and even sloths. There is no limit or boundary regarding which jungle animals can be animated into a custom mascot costume, just select the creature and let Mascot Makers; custom mascot manufacturers do what they know best. We use high tech 3D design modelling, 3D printing and CNC routers in our production workshop. Most of our jungle custom costumes are limited editions, copyrighted by the clients. They are also very durable and affordable. What are you waiting for? welcome to Mascot Makers’ jungle category where you are the king above all animals. The different mascot costumes in this category are made using either soft plush or faux fur depending on the animal character picked by the client. They all have a detachable head with an inbuilt cooling fan, a soft padded interior with professional sports lining for easy performance while working.