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The company was established in 2001, in Moscow, Russia, as “Master Snap” – Russia’s premier mascot costume manufacturer.  Our goal is simple: to produce custom mascot costumes that are fun, safe, and comfortable.

All mascots are produced in our own Workshop. We do not outsource.

In 2015 we set up an international sales office in the United Kingdom.

To date, we’ve created more than 7,000 costumes, using our own exclusive manufacturing process—a process that ensures each costume is of the highest quality.

Mascot Makers Moscow

And to us, ‘quality’ means more than just a fun design. It means safety and comfort. Our costumes are made without any toxic glues, and all the materials and furs we use are certified for safety. We also make our costumes without the use of metal frames, which are uncomfortable and heavy. The result is a lightweight costume that’s easy to move around in, so you can run, jump, dance, and have fun!

We can design mascots in a variety of sizes, including big inflatable costumes and even ones with LED lights. And since we offer costumes at three distinct price points, we can work within any budget.

It’s one thing to make a great costume. It’s another to get it to the customer—to the site of action. Our collapsible design allows our costumes to be shipped and stored at minimal cost.

Our commitment to creating only the best costumes for our clients has paid off. We have worked with many of the biggest advertising agencies and brands today. Clients have included the Sochi Olympics, Nestle, Juicy Fruit, Danone Dino, Greenpeace, BBDO, Zapashny Brothers Circus, and many others. Working with Russian theater chains, we’ve created cartoon costumes for numerous movie premieres, including Madagascar, Despicable Me, Ice Age, The Tale of Despereaux, and more.

Today Mascot Makers is widely known and the biggest mascot costumes manufacturing company in Russia. Our production site includes the workshops, warehouse and office space of about 500 m2.

All rooms are located at the following address: 107023, Russian Federation, Moscow, Elektrozavodskaya str., 21.

We rent our facilities in one of the oldest factory building constructed in 19th century in Moscow.

Some photos from our workshop and office

While other companies make mascot costumes handmade individually by one master, we have developed a high-tech production system which allows to manufacture over 300 mascot costumes per month.