Forest animals custom mascot costumes
What if your brand image could be characterized as a rabbit or wolf? We have you covered. This is the portfolio category where all animals in the forest live. We have designed and produced impressive forest animal mascots for renown companies like TeDi GmbH, Duracell, Nestle and one for the squirrel in the movie; Ice Age. You should expect amazing forest animal mascot costumes inspired by animals like rabbits, bunnies, hares, wolves, squirrels, bears and chipmunks. We, of course, are open to new and exciting mascot ideas from our clients and will not hesitate to partner up for any forest animal mascot project. We use 3D design modelling, 3D printing and CNC routers in our production workshop.
The mascots in this category are either manufactured using soft plush fabric or faux fur. The costumes have a detachable head design with an in-built cooling fan for temperature regulation. These custom mascot suits also have a soft padded interior with professional sports lining that facilitates flexibility.
Our forest animal mascot category is very appealing especially to the wild animal lovers and thanks to the genius ideas brought to us by our loyal clientele, we can boast of a very colorful portfolio.