*sample only – not for sale or hire!

WE created TWO Yummiibear Bear Mascot Costumes for The Creamiicandy Shop, Australia!

Yummiibear the ice-cream bear is a huge lover of ice-cream! Mascot Makers produced custom made Yummiibear for the Creamiicandy Shop, Sydney, Australia.

We created two different designs Of this Bear Mascot – one a big traditional soft Mascot Costume 180 cm height and one small Costume only 155 cm high.

Both Bear Mascot Costumes are made of a nice soft plush and wearing a realistic looking ice cream hats with some pieces of chocolate and marshmallows!

The Yummiibear is so cute and adorable that we had to produce two of them for the same shop, that’s how much everyone likes him!

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