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Our Premium Mascot Costume includes the following:

  • Mascot Costume Production
  • Battery Operated Cooling Fan
  • Carrying Bag
  • Logo printing

Our terms are 50% deposit at time of order with the final 50% due prior to shipping of completed costume.


If there is a deadline date that we must meet, please let me know. We always attempt to meet rush orders if you have an event with your Mascot.

Turnaround time for production is 4-5 weeks excluding shipping. We book for you a completion date on the date your 50% deposit arrives. Delivery to your door usually takes 4-8 days

** Price is subject to VAT

Good mascot costume can’t be cheap. Cheap mascot costume can’t  be good. The final price is always calculated upon completion and approval of the design. To give you a rough idea about our pricing see the table below.

General pricing

  • Mascot Design
    Based on your prototype, picture or logo
  • Mascot Head
    From £1200
    Can be a good idea for human characters
  • Mascot Costume manufacturing
    From £1800
    To look exactly as per approved design
  • Animatronic blinking eyes
    Controlled with joystick or programmed to blink automatically
  • Animatronic movable and blinking eyes
    Controlled with joystick or programmed to move and blink automatically
  • Animatronic mouth
    From £600
    Controlled or moving automatically
  • Character design
    From scratch including vector files and copyrights