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Ganja Weed Leaf Mascot Costume custom made by Mascot Makers!

It took us a little while to get mascot from UK to Jamaica, but it is here now and it is a big hit! Everyone love it. We saw Instagram posts from random people less than 5 min after we put it out on the street :)
Quality of the mascot is outstanding. Thank you so much. I see a lot of great photos and videos in our future :)

Maria GordonPresidentCapital Equipment and Trading Corp.

This Ganja weed mascot costume is custom made by Mascot Makers team.

The Character based on a leaf prototype and turned into a fun and happy looking Mascot Costume. The Mascot futures a very soft and light weight body, cooling system inside the body, corporate logo printed on and many others.

Ganja Weed, leaf, plant